About Us

What is ToppCock?

ToppCock is a Men’s line of grooming products.  It was founded on the belief that Men deserve their own dedicated line of quality products.  Most products on the market today are simply woman’s products with a “male” fragrance.  ToppCock products are formulated from the ground up and designed exclusively for Men.

Our Story

Everyone has a story and so does ToppCock.  Ours begins with the frustration in constantly buying “men’s” grooming products and being disappointed.  Sure they smelled good in the store but when you get them home that’s it, they just smelled good.  After being disappointed time after time, it was time to do something about it.  ToppCock and the  Topp Family were born.  We first looked at what was important to men.  Products were formulated, reformulated and reformulated again until they were good enough to sport the ToppCock name.

Our Products

We are a complete line of men’s grooming products from innovative soaps, shampoo, conditioner and personal care products.  The Topp Family product line is always growing.  All of our products contain our signature Nano-Silver Technology.  Their true benefits are being All Natural Anti-Bacterial, Fungal and Viral agents.

ToppCock “Silver” our first product released last year has changed the game in personal care for men.  Known as man-parts protection “Silver” has made a huge impact in an overlooked male area.  The simple application of Shower, Dry then Apply has made it not only an effective product but also easy to use.

“All-In-One Shower Gel” and “Bar” were the next products added to the ToppCock line up.  These two products have been ingeniously engineered for absolute convenience.  They are both a Body and Hair care product in One!  No more extra bottles kicking around in the shower.  One simple solution. “All-In-One Shower Gel” and “Bar” contains Nano-Silver Technology, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe.

We also have “HydroMax” an invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner for those who demand a little extra performance.  It is specially formulated to clean and hydrate your hair and scalp enhancing shine and manageability while preventing dandruff.  It also has a Great Fragrance.  “HydroMax” contains Nano-Silver Technology, Tea Tree Oil and Aloe.

ToppCock’s complete line of products will keep you fresh and clean from head to toe and especially in between.

Mr. Topp

TPCK - Mr. ToppMr. Topp is a proud and distinguished cock with an equally impressive reputation. Who can resist old-world charm, a tip of his top hat and a wink from behind his sophisticated monocle. Having traveled the world associating some of the most influential circles, he clearly knows what makes heads turn. Now he’s on a mission to help fellow cocks all over the world learn the power of combining new age Nano-Silver Technology with traditional quality male grooming. It’s no wonder his products are admired and trusted by men the world over. Now take his advice and get Certified Today.

Admiral Topp

TPCK - Admiral ToppAdmiral Topp is what one would expect out of a Topp Naval Officer. Always ship shape and spic and span. Cleanliness and preparedness are of utmost importance. Always be prepared for battle! Having sailed the world, the Admiral’s mission is to help fellow cocks learn the power of Nano-Silver Technology. ToppCock products are infused with this Nano-Silver and are always exceptional quality. It’s no secret that his products are trusted and admired by men the world over.

Our Philosophy

We believe that good grooming makes good gentlemen and there’s nothing more appealing than the fresh smell of a proper gentlemen.  That’s what makes a ToppCock man stand out from the crowd.  It’s our commitment to quality ingredients and the newest technology that delivers products with the absolute best performance to ensure your lifestyle is full of confidence and success.

What’s the Big Deal about Silver?

Silver, as you may know, is a precious metal found naturally in the earth. It has been used for everything from jewelry to photographic film to electronics.  It is on the periodic table of elements under the symbol Ag.  What you probably did not know is that it is also known for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.  As far back as Roman times silver coins were placed on sores and wounds then wrapped with cloth to aid in healing.  Fast forward to just 30 years ago when modern science found a way to break silver down into small “Nano” particles and increase its effectiveness by over 1,000%.  It is this same Nano-Silver Technology that you find in ToppCock products.

But how does silver work against bacteria?  The answer is quite simple.  Silver prevents the ability of a bacteria cell to form the chemical bonds essential to its survival.  These bonds are important in the cell’s physical structure so when bacteria gets in contact with silver, it literally falls apart.

For this reason, and the fact that it is the only metal with antimicrobial properties which is not toxic to humans, silver has become an important active ingredient in various consumer products including deodorants, burn ointments and wound dressings. In fact, silver has been proven to promote the growth of new cells, thereby increasing the rate at which wounds can heal.

Numerous hospitals and health care facilities also use silver as a biocide which effectively kills disease-causing microbes, including the life-threatening Staphylococcus aureus, which has become resistant to chemical antibiotics.  Today, these facilities employ silver-embedded equipment including surgical tools, catheters, needles, stethoscopes, furniture and even door handles, to prevent the spread of diseases caused by microbes.

The Name

Why ToppCock?  When you want to make a bold statement you need a bold name and we are the Best men’s products on the market.  Now, Can you think of a better one?  In the true tradition of Mr. Topp, quality is the most important.  Some may say our name is controversial, we say they don’t get us.  We are always Proper and Proud.