Ideal penis size is 8 inches

8 inches is the ideal penis size to make women orgasm… so they claim.

Alright gentlemen, the age-old question “Does size matter?” has finally been answered. And the answer is a resounding yes! Before you feel inadequate or pompous (depending on how cursed or lucky you are in the pants department), the study also found that small is not necessarily bad while bigger is not always better!

In the survey, 4,761 women across the dating network were asked “Last time you had sex, how big was his penis, and did you orgasm via penetration?” Results showed that 8-inch penises induced orgasms at a 44% success rate. Coming in a close second was 9 inches with a 42% success rate.

Infographic courtesy of BIG One Dating

The longest penis recorded in the study, measuring 11 inches, has a 30% success rate. The same orgasm rate as men with 4-inched penises. Thus, “bigger” is not always “better.”

Furthermore, survey results also showed that a man’s technique during sex is still fundamental to make a woman reach climax.

“An erect penis size of 3 inches or below is considered a micro-penis, but even at 3 inches a quarter of women still orgasm and more than 1 in 10 men with 1 inch still hit the spot,” the study said.

“Our survey suggests the 8-inch guy has the easiest task but whatever your size, you still have the potential to satisfy your partner,” it added.

So did you make the cut? Don’t fret if not. You can always improve your technique!

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