Helpful Shaving, Trimming and Manscaping Tips

Taming the Bush: 6 Helpful Manscaping Tips

An increasing number of men are now into manscaping and for good reasons: 70 percent of women prefer their man trimmed his pubic hair to maintain hygiene, improve appearance, and make access easier (whatever that means). The data came from a survey conducted by Cosmopolitan, Esquire and AskMen, asking their social media followers about pubic hair grooming.

We must commend these men for having the courage to deal with the difficult task of keeping their man garden in tip-top condition to meet the ladies’ preferences. Shaving pubic hair is a tedious task that requires utmost concentration, flexibility and very steady hands. One small slip could lead to a bloody mess.

Manscaping horror stories are scary but don’t lose heart. We have compiled 6 important manscaping tips from the experts to help your get rid of the unruly fuzz without harming the family jewels.

Trim with scissors
If it’s your first time or you’ve not groomed down below for a while, trim the hair with scissors to a more manageable length. This will make it easier for the razor or shaver to run smoothly along the pubic area. A comb through can help remove any tangles and knots and make trimming easier.

Jump in the shower
The best place to manscape is in the shower. The water from the shower will work as a natural lubricant and will help soften the hair. It will also help in easy cleanup and will prevent the bathroom from looking like a barber’s basement!

Use the right tools
Whether using a powered trimmer or a razor, make sure that your tools are properly sanitized and designed for manscaping. For hygiene purposes, do not use your beard shaver for trimming your pubes. Pubic hair is much coarser than your facial hair so use a trimmer designed for manscaping.

Stretch your skin
The area you are dealing with has folds and wrinkles that will make it difficult for the shaver to run through. Stretching your skin will allow you to get into all the hard-to-reach places for a cleaner and smoother shave. Take your time and be careful, there’s no need to rush!

Be thorough, but not too much
You are dealing with delicate and sensitive skin so go for short and light strokes to be safe. Avoid going over the same area too many times as this can cause razor burns, cuts and unnecessary irritation.

Post-manscaping care is key
Once you’re done, rinse with cool water, pat dry with a soft towel and apply a soothing moisturizing gel like TPCK ToppCock Silver. It has natural aloe vera extract which helps with hydrating and skin healing as well as antibacterial tea tree oil and silver nanoparticles for protection against infection-causing germs.

Shaving causes micro cuts on the skin so the area is very susceptible to infections. Keep the area clean and dry. Repeat the post-manscaping routine up to a few days for optimum results.

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