Should Men Color Their Hair?

Should Men Color Their Hair?

An increasing number of men are dying their hair for different reasons. For the younger ones, it is usually to look cool or keep up with the trend. For the more mature, it’s mostly to hide the grays and somehow defy aging. A teenager bleaching his dark hair blonde is a form of self-expression. On the other hand, a fifty-year-old man with deep facial wrinkles and jet-black hair spells desperation.

Graying is part of aging. Melanin, a pigment polymer that gives hair its natural color, is delivered via specialized cells called melanocytes. These cells are located at follicles and inject color as the shaft grows. As you age, these melanocytes slow down or stop their pigment production, leading to gray, colorless hair. According to a study, a man’s chances of going gray increase about 10-20% every decade after the age of 30. Unfortunately, a cure for the condition, outside of dyeing and application of coloring products, is yet to be discovered.

Fret not. Going gray is not that bad. With the right hairstyle and attitude, it can make one look distinguished and add character, not to mention, sex appeal. Think George Clooney or even Barack Obama.

But if you insist that coloring your grays is what will make you feel good about yourself, have a professional do it for you. Buying a box of hair dye and doing it yourself may be a bad idea. Remember, a bad dye job is like a neon sign saying, “I’m a desperate old man trying to look young.” So, we list down things you need to ask your stylist before coloring your hair.

Get the right hair color for your complexion
A professional should know what color will complement your skin tone. It should not be too dark or too light from your natural hair color and should match your facial hair.

Blend the grays
For a more natural look, do not go for total coverage. Allow some grays to shine through. Executing this requires skill, hence, it is best done by a pro.

Ask what kind of maintenance will your new do require
You came out of the salon looking dapper with your new cut and color. But can you keep it that way? Ask your stylist what kind of maintenance your new do will require. Will you need a special shampoo and conditioner to keep the color looking good? What styling products should you use?

Schedule timely retouches and cuts
Your hair will grow, the color will fade and your roots will show, eventually. Discuss with your stylist the best time to come back for a cut or retouch. Also ask what other things you should do to keep your hair looking sharp in between appointments.

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