Shampoo and Conditioner for Men

Do Men Really Need Their Own Shampoo and Conditioner?

Have you seen that shampoo commercial with a dude sporting  shiny, luscious and ultra feminine locks apparently because he used a women’s shampoo? While the satirical ad only aims to generate some laughs and is very unlikely to happen in reality, its message, that using women’s products may not give men the best results, is quite accurate.

Men’s hair is very different from women’s hair. Guys usually have thicker and coarser strands than women. The male scalp also produces more oils and sebum which makes men’s hair more greasy and their scalps more susceptible to dandruff. This means that women’s shampoo may be enough to completely cleanse girls’ manes but may be found wanting when it comes to cleaning men’s hair. Not to mention the fact that most women’s hair care products have very feminine floral scents.

An increasing number of companies have understood these needs and have created lines especially for men. One such company is ToppCock which has introduced its HydroMax Hair Care line for men featuring the Invigorating Shampoo and Invigorating Conditioner.

Formulated for all hair types, the HydroMax Invigorating Shampoo contains cleansers designed to remove as much oil and dirt as possible without drying the hair and scalp. ToppCock’s signature ingredients, Silver Nanoparticles and Tea Tree Oil, helps tame dandruff and ensure that hair and scalp are protected from other  infections caused by bacteria and fungus. Aloe vera also moisturizes and encourage hair retention and growth while Mint and Lavender provide refreshing scent.

HydroMax Invigorating Conditioner is a rich and deep moisturizing conditioner which increase luster and prevent tangling while leaving the hair naturally soft. Used along with the Invigorating Shampoo, this conditioner ensures a clean and healthy head of hair.

So do men really need their own shampoo and conditioner? The answer is a resounding yes! Unless you don’t mind unclean hair, dandruff and smelling like a girl.

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