Men's on-the-go grooming essentials

Grooming On-The-Go: Items That You Should Always Have In Your Toiletry Bag

Unlike some women, guys don’t need an entire suitcase for their toiletries when traveling.  A small bag is enough to contain all the grooming essentials a man needs to be clean, fresh and presentable while on the go. The key is to pack only the essentials and only the amount allowed for air travel (100-ml per liquid, aerosol and gel you take on a flight).  Here is a low down on what to fill your toiletry bag with when traveling so you have more time sight-seeing instead of looking for places where to get stuff.

Shampoo & Conditioner
These items are a must if you don’t want to look like you are having a bad hair day on your souvenir photos.  Exposure to sun, sea water and humidity can wreak havoc on your locks, leaving them dry, brittle and even damaged so a good wash and conditioning at the end of the day should be in order.  You can use your hotel’s complimentary toiletries but, unless they are from L’Occitane, Molton Brown and Hermès, take caution because these freebies can leave your hair even more dry!  Pack travel-sized bottles of your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

Soap or Shower Gel
Whatever form you pick, make sure that it provides total cleaning action and long-lasting protection.  You want something that will keep you feeling and smelling fresh not only after a shower but even after exploring your destination’s nooks and crannies the whole day.  ToppCock’s All-In-One Shower Gel is a great option for travelers as it combines shampoo and body wash in one convenient and compact packaging.

Do not let body odor ruin your (or your companion’s) vacation.  Bring along your trusty deodorant with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s in stick, gel, roll-on, liquid, powder or spray formulation.  Just make sure to comply with size regulations. Body odor is not exclusive to your underarms so don’t forget to pack some man parts hygiene products to keep the boys clean and fresh.

Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Dental Floss
Having a vacation doesn’t mean you’ll also take a break from oral hygiene!  Since you’ll be sight-seeing for most of the day, it is a great idea to bring with you a travel-size toothbrush that can be retracted or folded when not in use so it takes little space in your bag. Take along a small tube of toothpaste so you can sneak in a restaurant’s wash room for some oral care after trying your destination’s cuisines.  Alternatively, flossing is a great way of getting rid of that spinach stuck on your teeth.  Toothbrush with caps are best for protecting brush bristles from germs and damage in your bag.  If you can’t brush, rinse your mouth well with water after eating to get rid of food particles lodged between teeth or chew some sugar-free gum.  Then, brush your teeth as soon as you get a chance.

Razor and Shaving Cream
There is no reason to look scruffy when in vacation.  What type of shaving paraphernalia to take will depend on your destination.  If you will be staying in some posh hotel, then by all means, bring your electric shaver.  But if you’re going to some exotic location where electricity is unheard of, razors are your best bet.  If you have some space to spare in your bag, take along some shaving foam or cream. Otherwise, your shower gel can be a good alternative.

Nail Clippers
A manicure from your hotel spa can get expensive.  Make sure to have your nails clipped and cleaned before leaving so you don’t have to worry where to get a manicure in your destination.  Better yet, bring with you nail clippers so you can do the trimming during your down time.

Lip Balm
Exposure to windy conditions, low temperatures and weather you are not accustomed to may cause chapped or cracked lips.  Make sure you have a tube of lip balm to soothe or protect your lips from dryness.

No need to bring an entire bottle of your expensive cologne.  Just fill a small atomizer or spray bottle (available in most pharmacies and toiletry stores) with your favorite scent and bring that instead.  Spritz some to freshen up when a quick shower is not possible.

Band Aids & Antiseptic Ointment
Going on an adventure can leave you with small wounds and scratches.  Prevent further infections by treating them immediately with some antiseptic ointment and band aids.

Allergy Medications
If you have allergies to certain food, pollen and other irritants, make sure you have a stash of your allergy medications in your bag.

Hair Products
Bring a small tube or tub of your favorite hair styling products such as gel, pomade or wax if you need to tame unruly hair. Otherwise, a cool cap would be your best bet for those bad hair days.

Note:  It is a good idea to place containers of all liquid, gel or cream formulations inside a resealable plastic bag to protect other contents of your luggage in case of spills or leaks.

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