masturbation and prostate cancer

Did you know that men who clean the pipes often have less risk of prostate cancer?

Self pleasure is a very common sexual act for most men.  Whether single or in a relationship, majority of healthy men engage in this one-handed activity for quick gratification as well as for a host of other reasons including relief from stress, getting better sleep and eliminating risk of STDs.

An extensive study conducted by the Harvard Medical School gives men more reason to justify their self-sex habits or ejaculation in general.  Findings of the 18-year-long survey involving 32,000 men (3,839 of whom were diagnosed with prostate cancer during the time) reveal that guys who masturbate, engage in sex and ejaculate almost every day have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.

Respondents were asked how often they ejaculated between the ages of 20 to 29, 40 to 49, in 1991, the year before the survey began.  Results show that men who ejaculated 21 or more times a month enjoyed a 33% lower risk of prostate cancer compared with men who reported four to seven ejaculations a month throughout their lifetimes.

The reason why ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer is still unclear but experts have suggested that ejaculation allows the prostate to clear itself of cancer agents or toxic substances and literally cleans up the plumbing.

Researchers say the findings are encouraging especially now that an alarming number of men are getting afflicted by the disease.  In the Philippines, prostate cancer is the second most common cancer for men, after lung cancer, and develops in 19 out of every 100,000 Filipinos.

While considered a deadly disease, prostate cancer is highly curable especially when detected at an early stage.  Nearly 100% of patients who underwent treatment at an early stage will be disease-free after five years.  There are a wide variety of treatment options available for prostate cancer patients, including surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy and chemotherapy, any or all of which might be used at different times depending on the stage of disease and the need for treatment.

So this is another awesome reason why you need to masturbate or engage in sex more often!  Ejaculation is not only pleasurable, it can also boost your health and keep lethal diseases at bay!  But before you indulge yourself, here’s a friendly reminder: sexual promiscuity increases the possibility of sexually transmitted infections that could heighten prostate cancer risk.  It is best to practice proper hygiene before and after sex, whether you are shooting on your own or with company.

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