Manspreading – A Physiological Need Or Just Plain Rudeness?

The word “manspreading’ has recently caused a stir because of the New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) new campaign discouraging men from sitting with their legs so far apart that they take multiple seats in public trains and buses. The initiative was welcomed by commuters, mostly women, children and elderly folks, who fell victims to these inconsiderate space hoggers.

Apart from monopolizing seats and invading personal spaces, feminist groups also argue that manspreading is a crime against women as the “offenders” either consciously or unconsciously assert their “male privilege.”  As a result, many women would rather stand in the train than sit beside a guy who thinks his dick is too big it deserves a seat of its own.

As expected, manspreaders didn’t take the issue sitting down with their legs crossed. They argue that it is not only their God-given right to sit with their legs spread out like real men ought to do, it is also a biological necessity to keep the family jewels from getting squashed. Unfortunately, no one seems to be buying this crap, particularly proper  gentlemen, who can sit unbothered with their knees in comfortable distance from each other.

Even medical science cannot support this “for good health” claim. Unless a man is suffering from such conditions as hernia and elephantiasis, or is still recovering from surgery such as penile augmentation and vasectomy, there should be no cause for discomfort when sitting with legs closed.

So unless your going home from the hospital after finally getting that penile prosthesis implant you’ve been dreaming of, be a proper gentleman and keep those legs closed while on a train or bus. Share a sit and win a friend. When you get home, you can manspread all you want and no one would mind.

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