Manscaping Basics Every Guy Should Know

Manscaping Basics Every Guy Should Know

An increasing number of men are enjoying the benefits of getting rid of their pubic hair. Some of the advantages of manscaping include enhanced self confidence (less hair makes the genitals look larger), a cooler and cleaner nether region (no hair minimizes sweating and creates a less than ideal environment for odor and infection-causing bacteria), and improved sex life (sex partners are more likely to go down on hair-free man bits).

Before you jump into the bandwagon, be advised that manscaping is not an easy task that can lead to cuts, rashes, scrapes, and infections if not done properly. To make your foray into manscaping less painful and traumatic, we list down these tips to safely groom your family jewels.

Use the right tools
For the love of all that is holy, do not use the kitchen scissors to prune your bush. You must invest on equipment designated solely for grooming your pubes: clipper, scissors, razor and comb.  Wipe them down with rubbing alcohol before and after use to keep them sterile.

Prep up
Whether shaving all of your crotch hair off with a razor or just trimming it down with scissors, you must prepare the area to prevent any painful repercussions such as razor burns and cuts.

Start by using clippers or scissors to shorten the hair to a manageable length, about 1/16 of an inch. You may keep the hair at this length which is easy to maintain. If you are going for the smooth look, shaving with a razor will be much more easier at this length.  It is best to shave in the shower where you can lather the area with some shaving gel or cream for the razor to glide smoothly, avoiding nicks and cuts.

Shave in the right direction
To avoid ingrown hair, shave in the direction of hair growth, not against the grain. Look which way your hair is pointing toward and shave smooth, even strokes that same way. This method is also less likely to cause irritation or bumps, since your razor won’t be tugging hairs in a direction they aren’t used to going.

Use extra Caution on your balls
With its many folds and grooves, the scrotum is prone to nicks or cuts when exposed to a bladed instrument and thus require utmost care during shaving. The texture of the skin in this area also makes it a haven for bacteria, that even a minor cut or laceration can cause infection. To safely shave the part, pull the skin taut to help the razor glide smoothly. To help you maneuver the blade without straining your neck too much, stand over a portable mirror and turn on the lights so you have a good view.

Deal with cuts immediately
Accidents happen even if you’re very careful. Cuts and nicks are common injuries during pubic hair grooming. Some men were even sent to the emergency room due to the severity of their injuries.

If you are a victim of such unfortunate event, don’t panic. Instead, clean the area thoroughly with soap and warm water. Apply pressure to the cut area with a damp piece of toilet paper to stop the bleeding. If bleeding doesn’t stop after 15 minutes, or if blood appears to be pulsating from your cut, it may be deep and require stitches so call your doctor immediately.

Finish off with a moisturizer
The abrasive effect of a razor on skin may lead to irritation or itchy sensation. After shave gels or moisturizers with aloe vera and tea tree oil, such as ToppCock Silver, can help soothe the area. The anti-bacterial silver nanoparticles will also keep infection-causing microbes at bay.

If you find these manscaping tips to be tedious, there are clinics that can do the job for you. If shaving does not appeal to you, you may opt for waxing or laser hair removal (which can be permanent but comes with a hefty price tag).

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