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8 Man Parts Hygiene Tips Every Man Must Know and Follow

The penis is undoubtedly the most valued body part for most men. Apart from the innumerable pleasures it brings, it is the organ that is responsible for the continuation of the human species! It gets quite a beating (pun not intended) over the course of a man’s lifetime and, thus, deserves some tender loving care.

Located in a spot where the sun never shines, this hairy fella is loaded with overactive sweat glands. The male nether region is a damp, dark place that can become an oasis for odor-causing bacteria, fungi to infection. If no proper man parts hygiene regimen is followed, disaster.

Get a hint! If your crotch starts itching or your partner refuses to go “down” there, you are certain to be one of those guys who needs to change their grooming habits. Below we list invaluable man parts hygiene tips to keep your family jewels in tip-top shape.

  1. Tend the forest. Bushy pubic hair, moistened by sweat, is the playground of bacteria and fungi! If you don’t want these microorganisms to wreak havoc in your nether region, endeavor to shave, wax or at least trim your pubic hair.
  1. Be gentle. The skin in the man parts region is more delicate and sensitive than the rest of your body. Be thorough but gentle when washing your private parts to avoid irritation. Use a clean washcloth or shower pouf to scrub away dirt, sweat and bacteria that cause strong smell.
  1. Wash with the right products. Only use a small amount of mild soap or shower gel to wash your private parts. Choose bath products that are specially formulated for men’s skin and do not contain harsh chemicals that may cause dryness or irritation.
  1. Clean underneath the foreskin if applicable. Uncircumcised men must put in extra effort when cleaning down there. Start by pulling back the foreskin while cleaning the penis. This washes off accumulated smegma that causes bad odor and can also lead to infection.
  1. Rinse off properly. Make sure to rinse off with warm water and rinse off all soap or bath products from your skin. Soap residue, when mixed with sweat and bacteria, can lead to bad odor and infection. So do it right!
  1. Dry yourself completely. Using a clean towel, dry off your groin area thoroughly before dressing. This helps to eliminate moisture that can increase the breeding ground for microorganisms.
  1. Apply odor neutralizer for man parts (this is a new category to men’s grooming rituals but one that should not be overlooked!) Once completely dry, apply man parts hygiene products. This helps you stay fresh and clean down there. There are several products to choose from. Choose a product that has anti-bacterial/fungal properties. Avoid powders and lotions as they leave residues that may cause irritation.
  1. Lastly, wear clean underwear (You know who you are!) Don’t spend all that time cleaning and scrubbing to waste by wearing dirty underwear!  Wear underwear that is made from natural fibers like cotton which keep moisture away from your skin.

Men! You owe it to your man parts to keep them clean, healthy and ready for action! Follow these man parts hygiene tips and your penis will thank you. Plus, your partner will be grateful too!

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