Freezing your man parts can spice up your sex life

Freezing your man parts can spice up your sex life

Looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom? You may want to consider the latest trend in boosting sex drive which involves freezing your man parts to as low as minus 160 degrees! The procedure is called “Love Mist”, a form of cryotherapy offered by a spa in Manchester, UK.

The bizarre treatment entails spraying a chilly negative 160 degree Celcius mist of liquid nitrogen onto your genital area. The 30-minute treatment is performed by a trained therapist and is available to both men and women.

According to the spa, the treatment improves the client’s sex drive by stimulating the temperature receptors due to the sudden drop in temperature that leads to a quicker blood flow and higher endorphin levels which generate a natural high.

Apart from boosting libidinous desires, “Love Mist” also claims to improve the appearance of the genitals by promoting the production of collagen. When the skin feel the ‘freezing’ temperature, it sends signals to the brain that the tissues might be damaged and need to be “repaired”. The brain reacts by boosting collagen production thereby generating a tighter, youthful and vibrant genital skin appearance.

The spa’s claims have no scientific backing and may even cause more harm than good according to some medical professionals. Exposing the genitals, or any part of the body for that matter, to freezing temperatures may lead to cryonecrosis or frostbite which damages skin tissues, kills nerve cells and induces pain.

If you’re keen on having your man parts get the “cold treatment”, proceed (at your own risk) to The Ainscow Spa in Salford, Greater Manchester, UK. The “Love Mist” treatment costs about £50.

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