latest men’s swimwear

Are you ready for the latest in men’s swimwear?

Looking for something “edgy” to wear to the beach? Why not try the latest trend in men’s swimwear? These ultra skimpy underwear styles leave nothing to the imagination and will surely make a lot of heads, and stomachs, turn at the beach, poolside or anywhere else.

The One-Sided Bikini

First worn by The Only Way Is Essex star Bobby Cole Norris while vacationing in Marbella, Spain last year, this asymmetrical man thong is worn by tucking it between the buns. The very elastic fabric somehow helps keep it in place but doesn’t ensure that it will not fall off when walking, swimming or doing other activities. Now available in Norris’ website and other online underwear shops, the one-sided bikini comes in one size that fits most men but may be impossible to wear by those with massive junk.

The “Ball Bag”

Basically a pouch with elastic band to keep the meat and potatoes out of sight. Perfect for those who don’t like to get tan lines but are still shy to just let it all hang out in public. This outrageous swimwear style once again came from Norris who debuted this new look at Es Cavallet beach in Ibiza late last year.

The Swimming Sock

As if his first two creations weren’t shocking enough, Bobby surprised us anew with another cringe-worthy, barely there beach wear which he strutted recently in Tenerife, Spain. More revealing than its predecessor, this sock-like variation of the “Ball Bag” is described as “essentially a condom made of neoprene.” 

Do you think this new direction for men’s swimwear will catch on? As for us, we’re fine with our run-of-the-mill swim shorts!

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