ToppCock Silver Now Available in the UK!

London, England, U.K., 21 February 2019 — Maintaining personal hygiene is necessary for many reasons: personal, social, health, psychological or simply as a way of life. However, even men with impeccable hygiene habits can have a not-so-fresh scent down there by the end of the day. The culprit is bacteria which, when exposed to men’s acidic sweat, can produce an unpleasant odor that can be a source of embarrassment and cause adverse effects on a guy’s self-esteem.

Thanks to ToppCock, male genital odor is a thing of the past. The Nevada-based men’s grooming and personal care brand developed a revolutionary men’s hygiene product called “Silver”. Rather than a simple wash, ToppCock Silver is a leave-on gel that keeps bacteria at bay. “We are excited to be the first in the market to offer this type of product,” says Maria Andrade VP of sales at ToppCock, Intl.

ToppCock Silver contains real silver nanoparticles. Silver, as you may know, is a precious metal found naturally in the earth. It has been used since the ancient times to purify water and prevent wound infections because of its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and, anti-viral properties. Through nanotechnology, silver is broken down into nanoparticles which increases its effectiveness by over 1,000%. This is the science behind ToppCock Silver.

Also infused with tea tree oil and aloe, ToppCock Silver is a potent hygiene gel that eliminates odor by helping prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, leaving man parts clean and fresh all day. Applying it could not be easier. Simply Shower Dry then Apply.

Gone are the days when male hygiene issues are swept under the rug. With companies like ToppCock, a revolution in male grooming is taking place. Hygiene issues are now addressed, and solutions are being developed to help men keep or win back their confidence and self-esteem.

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