Men Reveal Top 5 Reasons Why They Cheat

reasons why men cheat

Cheating men have revealed the real reasons why they become unfaithful to their partners. Many women think that their partners stray because they are bored with their stale relationship, but that may not be the case for most cheaters.

A recent survey by Superdrug’s Online Doctor revealed that the most common reason why European and American men are cheating is simply because they can’t resist the temptation of the other person. A large majority of the respondents, comprised of over 2,000 European and American adulterers, claimed that the main reason for their extra-marital affairs is: the other person was just really hot. The assumption that men are just bored that’s why they cheat is not even on the top 3 main reasons for infidelity.

The survey further revealed that the second main reason why European men cheat was because the other person was really there for them. For American cheaters, the second main justification for infidelity is because the other person was hitting on them.

The third most used excuse for cheating among European men is the lack of sexual intimacy with their partners. For American men, the third main reason for straying is having doubts about their relationships.

Boredom and lack of attention from their partners are the 4th and 5th main reasons of adultery among European men. For American men, the 4th and 5th main reasons that led them astray are insufficient sex and lack of attention from their partners.

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