Introducing: ToppCock Men’s Grooming Line

ToppCock Men’s Grooming Line is a new line of personal care products designed to help men keep clean and fresh from head to toe and especially in between. Using silver nanoparticles, ToppCock has found a way to utilize a 2,000year-old curative ingredient combined with new age technology to create products with a twist that will enhance men’s confidence!

Silver, as you may know, is a precious metal found naturally in the earth. It has been used for everything from jewelry to photographic film to electronics. It is on the periodic table of elements under the symbol Ag. What you probably did not know is that it is also known for its natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. As far back as Roman times, silver coins were placed on sores and wrapped with cloth to aid in healing wounds. Fast forward to just 30 years ago when modern science found a way to break silver down into small “Nano” particles and increase its effectiveness by over 1,000%. It is this same Nano silver that you find in every ToppCock grooming product.

ToppCock Silver is the product that started it all. It is a gel-based product applied to your man parts after you shower and dry. It keeps you fresh by helping prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi. Easily absorbed by the skin, it leaves you refreshed without a sticky feeling.

Apart from being an effective part of your after-shower regimen, ToppCock Silver is perfect for after “physical” activities or anytime you want to feel fresh.

ToppCock Silver comes in two packaging selections:

  • ToppCock Silver Sachet 10ml
  • ToppCock Silver Bottle 90ml

Apart from ToppCock Silver, we have also developed an entire line of grooming products to help men stay clean, fresh and sharp. The ToppCock Men’s Grooming Line includes All-In-One Soap Bar, All-In-One Shower Gel, Hydromax Shampoo, Hydromax Conditioner, and Silver After Shave, all containing our signature formula with silver nanoparticles, tea tree oil and aloe vera!

Look for ToppCock Silver and other great ToppCock products in your favorite stores soon. For Complete details of the product and current locations you can check them out online at

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