Alright gentlemen, the age-old question “Does size matter?” has finally been answered. And the answer is a resounding yes!28Before you feel inadequate or pompous (depending on how cursed or lucky you are in the pants department), the study also found that small is not necessarily bad while bigger is not always better!

In the survey, 4,761 women across the dating network were asked “Last time you had sex, how big was his penis, and did you orgasm via penetration?” Results showed that 8-inch penises induced orgasms at a 44% success rate. Coming in a close second was 9 inches with a 42% success rate.

Best penis size

Infographic courtesy of BIG One Dating

The longest penis recorded in the study, measuring 11 inches, has a 30% success rate. The same orgasm rate as men with 4-inched penises. Thus, “bigger” is not always “better.”

Furthermore, survey results also showed that a man’s technique during sex is still fundamental to make a woman reach climax.

“An erect penis size of 3 inches or below is considered a micro-penis, but even at 3 inches a quarter of women still orgasm and more than 1 in 10 men with 1 inch still hit the spot,” the study said.

“Our survey suggests the 8-inch guy has the easiest task but whatever your size, you still have the potential to satisfy your partner,” it added.

So did you make the cut? Don’t fret if not. You can always improve your technique!

Father’s Day is no doubt going to be different this year. We might be held up in our homes to fight the spread of the Coronavirus but there is no reason not to give that great guy a blast on his special day! Whether you are at home together or apart, there are fun ways to celebrate Father’s Day during the coronavirus pandemic. Here are some Father’s Day party ideas for 2020 that are as cool as the man who raised you.

Good Food for the Great Dude

No celebration is complete without delicious food. Order from Dad’s favorite restaurant and have it delivered to his home if you are living apart. If you are hunkered down together, why not cook his favorite meal instead? Better yet, just make it a full-blown cookout in your backyard! Dad might even volunteer to man the grill himself!

Give Dad the Day Off

Let Dad stay in and run the errands yourself. Give him some time off to lay on the sofa and just nap or watch TV while you sneak into the grocery to grab meats for the surprise barbecue.

Beer Tasting Fun

While you are at the grocery, grab several kinds of beer (or any booze your Dad prefers) for a round of beer tasting. Make it more exciting by blindfolding Dad and see if he can guess which one is which!

Take Him Online Shopping

Another great tip on how to safely celebrate Father’s Day indoors is to take him shopping! Stores are out but it doesn’t mean you can’t treat Dad to a style makeover! Take advantage of this free time and get Dad some wardrobe essentials online! Let him pick the pieces he likes and recommend pieces to complete a look. Apart from clothes, Dad can also shop for grooming essentials. Men’s grooming brand ToppCock has a full line of hygiene and personal care products specially formulated for men.

Give Dad a Free Hair Cut

Dad’s regular cut is long overdue and with no sign of barbershops re-opening anytime soon, there’s no better time to help him look sharp and dapper again than now. Why not offer to give him a free trim? All you need are a trusty clipper, scissors, a few minutes to learn basic haircutting on YouTube, and a lot of fortitude! All you need to take care of are his sideburns and nape area to help make him look reasonably clean and tidy. Maybe a little trim on the sides and top too and he would be looking tip-top for his next Zoom meeting.

Organize a Virtual Get-Together

During this time of uncertainty, being with loved ones, albeit virtually, is a precious gift. Online get-togethers are excellent ways to celebrate Father’s Day especially for aging parents who cannot go outside. Privately message family and loved ones and invite them to a Father’s Day Zoom meeting or FaceTime call. Dad will surely appreciate it that his loved ones celebrate this special day together without putting anyone at risk.

Best Dad Award

Dad is the coolest ever and deserves all the accolades. Ask all the young ones to be creative and make him silly or sincere superlative awards. For the adults, they can write a short spiel that they can recite during the virtual get-together. This is a perfect idea for those who love to get creative and give meaningful gifts, and a great addition to the indoor party plans for dear dad.

Give your dad more than just cards and ties this Father’s Day. Go the extra mile and show him you care with these awesome tips on how to safely celebrate Father’s Day indoors.

After months in self-isolation to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, we have all adjusted to the new normal. With most establishments closed and with our trusty service providers unavailable, we have no choice but to do things on our own. Thank goodness for the internet, we have acquired new skills to help us get by. A simple Google search can lead us to the recipe of our favorite fried chicken place or teach us to mix drinks for Zoom happy hours with friends.

However, some skills require longer learning curves such as cutting your own hair. With barbershops closed, what should a guy whose regular cut is long overdue, do to continue looking sharp and dapper during Zoom meetings? Don’t fret. There’s no reason to let yourself get sloppy. We have consulted hair professionals to help beleaguered blokes deal with their unkempt mane. From touch-ups to buzzcuts, we have your hair dilemmas covered and help you look presentable during the Coronavirus quarantine.

Buzz Cut

Shaving it all off is the foolproof solution to lockdown hair. All you need is a trusty clipper, mirrors, and fortitude. Start by gliding a #4 guard all over your head. Use a handheld mirror and face your bathroom mirror then run the clipper against the grain of your hair. If you want it shorter, grab the #2 or #1 guard and do another run through. It won’t be easy so if you have a roommate, ask them to pitch in. With just a little touch-up every couple of weeks, you can keep bad hair days at bay for the rest of the quarantine period.

Kitchen Trim

You do not have to worry about the top to look presentable. Simply keeping your back and sides well-maintained will help make you look reasonably clean and tidy. With clippers or a beard trimmer, you can trim your sideburns and the nape of your neck so the hair won’t get too long and scruffy. Dealing with the back part may need extra dexterity. If you are lucky to be quarantined with someone, ask for help. As the top may become longer than you are accustomed to, a bit of styling gel can help keep the hair in place.

Going Long

This is perfect for guys who have been meaning to grow their hair long but just can’t commit to it because of the unattractive “in-between” stage. Since you’re probably staying in for another few weeks, why not make the most of it, and make it through this in-between phase in the comfort of your own home? This way, you’ll emerge as a new man with a new look once quarantine is over.

YouTube Tutorials

If you are struggling with change and keen on maintaining your cut as it is, check out YouTube. A quick search for “men’s hair tutorial” throws up thousands of videos showing how, with some diligence and dexterity, you can maintain your fade.

Curly Hair

An inch of growth in afro hair doesn’t make as much difference so this type is easier to disguise when it’s overdue a cut. Wavy hair, on the other hand, tends to become voluminous and bushy in a bad way. If cutting is out of the question, there are hair products that help collapse the curl a little bit so the hair, even if longer, appears less bushy and closer to the head. TPCK ToppCock Cream Paste styles and adds a little bit of weight to hair and keep it under control.

More important than a haircut is keeping your tresses healthy during self-isolation. Not going out does not mean that you will forego basic hair care and hygiene. Practicing social distancing cannot guarantee that no one will notice your greasy, unwashed locks. Shower and clean your hair every day or at least every other day with a nurturing shampoo such as ToppCock Hydromax Shampoo. Follow up with a small amount of moisturizing ToppCock Hydromax Conditioner. To keep your hair looking tip-top, invest in proven styling products that help you achieve a look without leaving unwanted residues.

Keep your crowning glory gorgeous because there is no excuse for the unkempt look even during a pandemic.

Good nutrition is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, a balanced diet can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and promote overall health.

But did you know that certain foods can affect extremely specific body parts? For example, sweet potatoes, apples, and carrots are found to be good for your prostate and penis health. Continue reading →